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September 20, 2013


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OC Halloween Contest! *10 points for entering!*

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 20, 2013, 9:22 PM


OMG GUYS! Guess what! We are holding another CONTEST! Yay! :iconfluttershyyayplz:


Anyways, since Halloween is in a month or so, we have decided to host a Halloween contest with our OC's!



:star:Your Job:star:


:bulletred: Draw our OC's in a Halloween costume OR setting (and draw BOTH costume and setting for bonus points!)! It can involve witches, pumpkins, ghosts, candy, and anything else! We will have a list of things Halloween-y we like ^w^

:bulletorange: animefangurl02's OC's


Yuki ~ Chibi Ver. by animefangurl02




My OC Luna-chan XD by animefangurl02




:bulletyellow: BUNGAL0W's OC's


Leafy ~ Reference by BUNGAL0W




Mascara by BUNGAL0W




:bulletgreen: There is also a separate contest within this contest and that is to make the best Nightmare Night costume for our characters! If you do this, you get a chance at a grand prize of 700 :points:!! But you MUST do both an 'animal' oc and a 'person' oc! Please! Again, there will be a list of things we like! :D



:bulletblue:You only have to draw one character!

:bulletpurple: yeah I just needed to complete the rainbow xD



:star:Rules (must read!):star:


:bulletred: No tracing, bases, stealing, etc! Art must be completely yours!!

:bulletorange:You get an unlimited amount of entries, but you ONLY get 10 :points: for your first!

:bulletyellow:No effort, no points, if you put very little effort into your entry, then you won't get the 10 :points: for entering! Basically, as long as you didn't draw a stick figure or a circle, you're good ^.^

:bulletgreen:You MUST watch both of us to enter! THIS IS A WATCHER CONTEST! Watch both animefangurl02 and BUNGAL0W, this is not optional! WE WILL BE CHECKING. Plus, if we're not horribly broke, we'll end up holding more contests and giveaways! C:

:bulletblue:You MUST favorite this journal! Either journal is fine!

:bulletpurple: No auto-winning if you're a friend, sorry. (IRL or otherwise)

:bulletred:Collabs are allowed, but YOU have to decide how to split the prizes, we are not going to help you with that. Please tell us ahead of time if you are collaborating.

:bulletorange:You can only win ONCE.

:bulletyellow:Your account must be at least two months old! If you are not 2 months old, note one of us and you may enter! We're just keeping track!

:bulletgreen:Answer the question "What's your favorite TV show?" randomly in your comment, so we know you read ALL of the rules!                                                                      

:bulletblue:Any median of art is accepted! (digital, traditional, writing (fanfics are cool, too!!))

:bulletpurple:Must be a new deviation!

:bulletred:No harassing others if you don't win! No whining, complaining, begging, etc.! If we don't give you points, then note us! We're very busy and have lives outside of dA and can't always keep up with things, very sorry ^.^ Lives mean homework, by the way. lol.

:bulletorange: Please nothing inappropriate, blood and gore is fine, we don't care about violence (we are violent people, so�), but PLEASE nothing sexual ;w; we don't like it.

:bulletyellow:More entries give you a higher chance of winning something big! Yeah!

:bulletgreen:Have fun!




Yes guys, the moment you've all been waiting for! Prizes!

* Extra llamas upon request


Best Halloween Costume!

-700 :points:

-A pixel icon from :iconmughalrox:


1st Place:


-450 :points:

-10 :points: from :iconmughalrox:

-A llama from :iconmughalrox:

- 5 watches

-25 favorites

-4 llamas

-A visit from :iconmughalrox: (May watch, favorite or comment � depending on his choice)



2nd Place:


-300 :points:

- 5 :points: from :iconmughalrox:

-A llama from :iconmughalrox:

-3 watches

-20 favorites

-3 llamas

-A visit from :iconmughalrox: (May watch, favorite or comment � depending on his choice)


3rd Place:


-200 :points:

- 5 :points: from :iconmughalrox:

-A llama from :iconmughalrox:

- 2 watches

-15 favorites

-2 llamas

-A visit from :iconmughalrox: (May watch, favorite or comment � depending on his choice)


4th Place:


-100 :points:

-2 watch

- 10 favorites

- 1 llama


5th Place:


-50 points

-5 favorites

-1 llama


6th Place:


-25 points

-7 favorites

-1 llama


Honorary Mentions:


-10 :points:


:star:What we like!:star:




-My Little Pony (specifically Pinkie Pie and Derpy Hooves)

-Vulpix from Pokemon

-Once Upon a Time characters

-DYLAN SCHMID (if you dress Leafy as Dylan Schmid I will praise you forever)

-Code Lyoko



-pink wigs



~Vampires (Please refrain from stereotyping or anything Twilight related. <3)


~Fairy Tail (Loke <3 I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU ADD LOKE.. Or Juvia C:  Or anything Fairy Tail..)

~Summer Wars, and Studio Ghibli (Best. Movies. Ever. Go make me a Summer Wars avatar, and I will love you forever. <3)

~ RWBY (Go look it up on YouTube.)

~Sword Art Online (Yui and Leafa..  and every other frickin' character)

~ Adventure Time!!

~ And a bunch of other animes, cosplays and shat. Ask for specifics, if you'd like, I guess? xD


What we're looking for!:

~creativity (especially for costumes and themes)


~It can be from hilarious to horrifying! Anything will do, as long as it has dressing up or handing out candy!!

Feel free to ask ANY questions!!


Any donator will be featured here!! Thanks!


:iconmughalrox: <----he's AWESOME

Bouncing Birthday Cake by MughalRox

Mlp Icon by MughalRox

Selena by MughalRox


Light of my life by pheonixvl

Alone in a crowd by pheonixvl

:iconlittlelonelyfawn: ahh such amazing people ;u;

Sunny by LittleLonelyFawn

Lucky ducky by LittleLonelyFawn

Bumble by LittleLonelyFawn


Happy Halloween! by OliveAlice

Halloween OC costume design contest by MidIite

Vex the Anarchist by The-Deviant-Kaba

Img 0267[1] by Prospit-Lordling

Halloween contest entry by Bright-wolf

Contest-marinegeek1219 and animefangurl02 by Digital-Star-Wolf64

Candy Obtained by kevinjorg

Contest entry by Figgyman14

Mascara (dragon-puppy) by NinjaTurtleGirl

Contest entry-Those are not costumes! by Vitruvian-girl

Happy Halloween! by xPeppermintyx

psst, i see you have made it this far into the journal! Congrats! Here's all my social networking, please follow me and stuff because i like you guys (shh may involve points)

Instagram: preppy_pineapple

YouTube: Marinegeek1219

Snapchat: pancreaslove (come chat with me <3)

Skype: secretagentfluffy-kins (eue i do video stuff too!)

Oh and hug me on my profile if you want more giveaways and stuff! Llamas are  nice too, i like llamas!

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NinjaTurtleGirl Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Helloooooooo Bungalow

I'm sorry to bother you but I'm wondering when your announcing the winners.

BUNGAL0W Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
i'm sorry! really am! we're really busy with school and such and have been too stressed out with life and stuff ^^; we've been having some drama with some of our friends too, and that's just been adding to us just not wanting to see people xD

and i lost my phone so we haven't been keeping in touch too often, but i can say sometime this week most likely!
NinjaTurtleGirl Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Is it over yet :eager:
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yeah, but we're both extremely busy people and we don't have much alone time, so we don't see each other often, probably this weekend <3 sorry for the long wait!
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It's okay :D
xPeppermintyx Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
who won?!
BUNGAL0W Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
i was on vacation, so we couldn't meet up ;n;
xPeppermintyx Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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